How to make power view to Office 365 in excel

Hi, now I want to show you how easy make good and neat and super good looking chart with easy efforts with MS Excel 2013 with additional Power View and Power Query.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 27

Open MS Excel 2013 Desktop version.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 1

To activated Power View and Power Query go to Option in excel backstage view
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 2

Choose Add-Ins then choose COM Add-ins.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 3

Select all add-ins that you want to show in excel menus.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 4

For Power Map and Power Query please download to this URLs:
Power View

Power Map (a new 3D visualization add-in for Excel for mapping, exploring, and interacting with geographical and temporal data, enabling people to discover and share new insights)
Then go to page that give public data such as, exchange data, weather information, etc. Search home page that show the data to the table, it will be easy to power query to extract that information.

For this example, I have good site in that show the current weather daily with one simple URL.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 5
Put the URL to the “Power Query” Ribbon, and choose “From Web”.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 6

After that it will load the data from particular URL. There are two result, Table 0 and Document. You can preview by mouse over to the result label.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 7

Choose the correct table that you want, in this example I choose Table 0.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 8

Then Edit Table 0
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 9

Now you’re in Query Editor, you can manipulate the column and even you can filter the value that you want as final result.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 10

In this example, I want to split Suhu (Remperature) Column to two new Column, Choose Split Column and Choose By Delimiter.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 11

Choose Custom
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 12

That fill the text below with “ – ” with space, to split the Suhu Column.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 13

Repeat the process for the next column if necessary. In this example I also split Kelembaban (humidity) column. Then save and load it.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 14

Now we have final result, the raw data automatically created to the new sheet.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 15

And then colorize your data! In Insert ribbon choose Power View.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 16

Power View now is opening.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 17

After that new sheet created and now you can customize your chart looks.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 18

Click the table and Go to Design Choose Line Chart. Viola! Just few click your table now presented.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 19

Experience with another style, then you can show your data like this (Design ribbon then Map).
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 20

To upload your beautiful chart to the O365, make sure you have been subscribed Power BI. Go to portal office 365 then you can try Power BI for Office 365 for free for 30 Days.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 22

After power bi site created, just simply drag and drop the excel file.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 23

Now your Excel file has been uploaded.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 24

And you can show your beautiful chart online! Make sure your Silverlight has been updated.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 25

You also can show Excel with html5 format by click the icon in right corner bellow.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 26

Now your power BI render in HTML5 Mode.
PowerBI Vol 1 - Step 27

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