Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview VGA Mode

Do you have difficulty to connect Raspberry PI 2 with VGA legacy monitors? after several modification in config.txt i have no success to display Win 10 IoT core :(.

Yesterday i have been install openelec to another SDCard. And i have an idea to clone the config.txt to Win 10 IoT core.

Config txt

This the result in my VGA Monitor

2015-05-22 10.45.34

Here the config.txt copy paste friendly

gpu_mem=32 # set ARM to 480Mb DRAM, VC to 32Mb DRAM
framebuffer_ignore_alpha=1 # Ignore the alpha channel for Windows.
framebuffer_swap=1 # Set the frame buffer to be Windows BGR compatible.
disable_overscan=1 # Disable overscan
init_uart_clock=16000000 # Set UART clock to 16Mhz

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