Custom task form SharePoint 2013 with Visual Studio

If you tired with Task form with default like this.

Standard Task Form

You can customize your task form look like this.
Result Custom Task Form

How? follow this instructions:

1. Assume you have libary like this.
Lib 1

Add New Item in Visual Studio, in my case my ContentType is “CustomContentType1” and Remember (just copy paste in notepad it will help 😛 ) ContentType ID. in elements.xml

Add New Content Type

Content Type ID

2. In workflow task list, in my case i have create new workflow task name with “WorkflowTaskListC”, goto to ContentTypeBinding in elements.xml and replace with your new content type ID to elements.xml in ypur workflowTasklistC
WF Task Paste

3. Add new SharePoint Layout Map Folder and Add Application Page
new apps page

And you have new application page, like this.
new apps page 2

4. In ApplicationPage1.aspx, you can do anything you want just like regular aspx page in visual basic or c#.

and also in code behind you also can use visual basic or c# code to retrive or set value and anything you want.
appspage1 code

5. Just publish the solution and you have Customize task form in your workflow approval.
Result Custom Task Form

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